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Iris Pricing and Functionality

Iris prices have shot up and service isn't great, any views on competitor products?

I've been using Iris Starter pack for 100 clients, 2 concurrent users, Company Secretarial (90 clients, 1 user) and practice management, 2 concurrent users for many years.

According to Iris I am currently paying a 'discounted' price of over £5k (plus VAT) and am now being asked to pay almost £9k (plus VAT).  Although I think Iris is, on the whole, a good product the pricing is getting uncommercial for my practice.  The most directly comparable product seems to be Digita, which is very significantly cheaper for 100 clients and 10 (not1/2!) concurrent users.  Digita prices also do not seem to increase as much as Iris's - Iris is up 10% this year.  Does anyone have any views on Iris v Digita and whether the price differential can be justified?


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09th Mar 2018 16:50

We moved to Digita a year ago, it is a big change and after a year we are just getting it all on track - effectively in the first year there is a lot more work as you have to put on the comparatives and make sure all the corporation tax is set up etc.

Overall Digita is fine - you will need to work differently from Iris, and it is probably a little less automatic (particularly in add backs).

I would check that you get 10 users as we pay per user on Digita on each product (similar to Iris). The increases are certainly less than Iris - the huge increases were the main reason we decided to move.

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09th Mar 2018 16:53

I lasted with Iris for about 23 years and I'd guess the average annual fee increase was 5%-6%, which was OK considering what they spent to be ahead of the curve on legislative and IT development.

It was only after I started using cloud software 5-6 years ago that I realised how stagnant and cumbersome desktop stuff was becoming but I stuck with Iris as they were committed to be ahead of the curve on this as well.

This was not the case and last year, after having run some stuff in parallel I dropped it completely and moved to Taxfiler, for tax & accounts, Informdirect for company secretarial/formations and Trello for practice management.

I am at the tail end of my career with about 30 clients now but, at a stroke I went from 3.5K pa fees to about £600 I think. That alone was enough to suffer the loss of integration, but these cloud systems are so better built and easier to use, especially with the integration with email (something Iris never got the hang of) that I would have moved over anyway.

I know another frm that moved from Iris to Digita in the past couple of years and just feels "same old" so is looking to "reach for the sky"

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09th Mar 2018 17:00

Search similar threads as this question must get asked every few weeks.

For me for a 100 clients look no further than BTC or Taxcalc you will get unlimited clients for under £1500 and will do everything a small practitioner needs. Use the £4000 you save and invest in marketing and growing your practice or just blow it on a holiday which ever you fancy.

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09th Mar 2018 17:08

I moved last month from Iris/PTP to Taxfiler.
Taxfiler is £15/month. No brainer.

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09th Mar 2018 20:27

Taxfiler is really simple to use. I am migrating to it, and will drop PTP when my current licence expires. Taxfiler is also a fraction of the price of PTP.

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