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Iris SNAP? Can you change Job Period- I'm new user

I'm a new Iris SNAP user and uploaded some pictures via the app - but they post to wrong quarter

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Hello - I'm a new user of Iris SNAP and have just started couple days ago. I will ring Iris for help once the weekend is over but was wondering - does anyone know this......

I've uploaded a few snaps and they have been processed but they have been put against the wrong quarter.  They are for December to February but they have been put against March to May.  I know it is March now but the invoices are for the February VAT quarter.  Can I create a new job period? The only one there right now is the March to May period!


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By SXGuy
24th Mar 2019 15:33

Might be a silly question but what dates were the invoices paid? Are you on a cash accounting? In which case that would be correct if they were not paid until March.

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