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Posting here as not gettimg much support from Iris themselves. First year producing tax returns on Iris after previously been on CCH. 

We don't use the client portal on Iris and in line with ICAEW recommendations send our taxreturn/schedules/tax comp as one pdf password protected. It was easy to do this through the CCH software but it is proving impossible through Iris without getting Adobe licenses for everyone. We would never have moved if we were made aware of such a basic limitation. Even producing one pdf with schedules and comp attached adds on several more steps whereas in CCH it was simply ticking boxes. 

Can anyone help who has used Iris longer. The helpline and Iris tech are sooooo useless. All they can do is a demo but real life use of the software is absent. 

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By janelm
18th Jun 2024 23:15

I suspect as IRIS OpenSpace exists, they expect you to use a client portal as this is a much better standard of security (and there are no charges for the first GB of space). I've used it for years and found it very good - it is 'no frills' but a wonderful no-cost option and none of my clients have had problems with it.

ICAEW suggest that simple password protection alone is not necessarily appropriate and recommend encryption plus passwords, or the best option is use of secure portals.
ICAEW members can view the helpsheet at:

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Replying to janelm:
By Mr Hankey
19th Jun 2024 07:49

Iris OpenSpace used to be no-cost, true the first GB of storage is free, but they've been charging per document for quite some time now. One credit = one approval, and they're bought in a bulk pay-as-you-go style by the practice.

Unless it's just me they've been charging and everyone else has been getting it for free? That would be just my luck!

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Replying to Mr Hankey:
By janelm
19th Jun 2024 13:51

The OP was talking about emailing a password protected tax return to a client and did not mention e-signing/e-approving, so I assumed their current process did not have any specific e-approval/signature process.

I have recently made the bulk purchase of 1000 credits on IRIS OpenSpace for the second time now, and its still so very much cheaper than any competitors. I'd love to keep it all within TaxCalc but their 'special offer' recently for e-approval credits was more than 3x the price (though still cheaper than looking at various other software options).

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Ivor Windybottom
By Ivor Windybottom
19th Jun 2024 09:04

Why not send your Tax Returns via an online signing package (e.g. Adobe Sign, Signable,....) - that will provide the necessary password security? It can also be more efficient (e.g. auto-chasing, etc.).

Other alternatives to password the attachment are to use a 7-Zip archive or PDF-XChange Editor to password the PDF (much cheaper than Acrobat).

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