IRIS - support non existent

Issues not being dealt with - no call backs etc

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I have an ongoing issue with IRIS accountancy suite - crashing constantly.


Called over a week ago, and still no call back from a support team member


How can a business charge so much for something and simply wash it hands when there is an issue?


I most definately need to find something with better service levels  -what software do you recommend? Preferably one integarted from Accounts, Business tax etc

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By Mr Sandman
03rd Apr 2024 15:22

When I started with IRIS 25 years ago they had managers you could contact easily , who were conscientious in sorting out issues & providing a good service.
In recent years IRIS has been bought out by venture capitalists & the good support staff have left. My largest expense is IRIS. Their costs increase substantially every year.
I too wish there was a cheaper alternative with a painless switch over.

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By Tom+Cross
04th Apr 2024 16:43

An excellent product, absolutely drowning within a useless administration. Replacing toilet rolls, would be a mammoth task, for all of them, at the end of the Heathrow runway.

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By murphy1
04th Apr 2024 16:55

Agreed, and hence why I have remained despite diminishing service levels

I still haven’t had my call retuned to fix the issue, and currently paying almost £4k for the privilege of software not working.

Dare I say it, but the service is actually worse than HMRC, and that is something!!

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