IRIS vs Google Chrome conflict

IRIS vs Google Chrome conflict

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Has anyone else discovered that IRIS can run extremely slowly, but the moment you close Google Chrome, IRIS immediately works properly again? It's a 100% correlation for me, and discovering it has made life so much easier as IRIS just told me it must be my hardware. I can find no information about such a problem online. Just wondering if anyone has found a permanent solution, although closing Chrome regularly isn't a bad thing!

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By AdamJones82
05th Dec 2023 10:43

Chrome is known to be a resource hog so not surprising depending on the spec of the machine being used

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Elliott Chandler Picture
By elliottchandler
09th Feb 2024 22:11

Modern Web browsers run background processes to make Web browsering quicker so RAM gets gobbled up quickly. It would be worth looking at Task Manager and reviewing memory stats.

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Replying to elliottchandler:
By whatdoyoumeanwashe
09th Feb 2024 22:34

I'm still surprised others haven't noticed this direct correlation. Chrome might be resource hungry, but it's only IRIS that grinds to a halt, and returns to full speed the instant Chrome is closed. Every other piece of software I have, some fairly resource hungry, works fine alongside chrome. Only IRIS has problems.

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