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IRIS-year end SSP reporting warning

IRIS-year end SSP reporting warning

There'a a FAQ on the IRIS website which explains that SSP year end reports are not correct.

Apparently the SSP reports are inaccurate/incomplete. Figs submitted to IR when e-filing will be those from P11 (nic) which are correct BUT if you are processing small payrolls where some SSP claim back is possible you'll need to check actual payments made when completing the 'payments already made box' rather than relying on the P35 & SSP print-outs plus the clients 'I've paid everything' message!!!
Janet H


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15th May 2006 19:39

IRIS Pension Modual
We have succeeded in processing 70 Bureau clients with very little difficulty comapred with others. The problem we do have is trying to get hold of someone who knows about the Pension Module and the set up. We are now encountering the 'you are 15 in the que problem' followed by a call centre person who clearly has never spent an hour on the syem and certainly has no idea about Pensions.
There so called close of help line of 5.30pm is more like 5.00pm.

Has any one any advice on the Pensions Module set up.


John Gallanders
Association of Voluntary Organstsions in Wrexham

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