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Irish Withholding Tax

UK Ltd - what do we do?

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My UK ltd client has had Irish Tax withheld. They have a Tax Clearance Certificate, so assumed that they wouldn't have any deducted, but they did.

Does anyone know what they should do to claim it back? 

Possibly relevant, they were loss-making for a few years, now profitable, but due to massive losses b/fwd & large R&D claims haven't paid CT for about 5 years.

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By WhichTyler
24th Jun 2019 14:35

Phone the Irish tax office? They are relatively human

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Replying to WhichTyler:
By atleastisoundknowledgable...
24th Jun 2019 15:06

apparently they were less than useful.

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Replying to atleastisoundknowledgable...:
By Vaughan Blake1
24th Jun 2019 15:27

If at first you don't succeed..... until you get a grown up!

I seem to remember that their website was quite good when I looked something up a while back, so worth having a nose about.

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24th Jun 2019 21:44

What was the tax withheld from ?

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By MJShone
25th Jun 2019 16:30

Is it Professional Services Withholding Tax? If so, see here:

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