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IRIS/HMRC data pre-population

Has anyone else had issues retrieving PAYE data for clients? I have scoured the IRIS knowledge base and found the following;

"HMRC have confirmed that employment, pension and benefit data will not be available through the HMRC Retrieve Data function until after they have carried out a reconciliation process on their end, so this data is not expected until after June each tax year. 

We cannot give an exact date as it will differ for each client. After June the reconciliation process begins and they run it for about a million taxpayers each day and this takes a couple of months to complete for all taxpayers."

Seeing as it is now November I would of expected that data would be more forthcoming. 

Of course this will be a thing of the past when MTD comes in



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08th Nov 2017 17:08

It seems to be very hit and miss. Some clients it pulls in data - for others it comes up with nothing - for no obvious reason. I wouldn't rely on it yet.

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08th Nov 2017 17:49

I wouldn't rely on it ever.

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