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irregular payments on payroll

irregular payments on payroll

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Run the payroll for a new company but they have been employing casual staff.

They have been paid for the past six weeks and only found out now after running the weekly payroll.  

1) Would they go on a cumulative tax code: 1150L

2) Can I just add the six weeks of payments for the casual staff and include them on one weekly payroll as a lump sum for each individual  or would I have to go through the rigamorole of running the payroll again for the past six weeks





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By Matrix
06th Nov 2017 19:59

Has your client been paying these workers for 6 weeks?

You will need a P45 or a new starter form. If they have another employment then they would be on a BR tax code until HMRC gives you a new tax code to use.

If there is no tax or NI especially then you could put them all into the next payroll but their 6 week pay would have to be quite low to be less than the primary threshold of £157. Otherwise I would rerun the payroll.

The alternative is to treat the gross payments already made as net pay and your client bears the cost of paying them outside the payroll.

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By Jim100
06th Nov 2017 20:22

Thank you for the response Yes you are correct its better just to rerun the payroll

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