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IR's On Line Service For Agents (Portal)

IR's On Line Service For Agents (Portal)


Is it actually working?

Today I am told no client's have new style 64-8's and I therefore can't view their Statements of Account without the mandate! This is obviously most untrue as I was able to do it last December 2003. Also its a bit annoying given this month's filing deadline.

Anybody else getting inconvenienced?

Oh well back to the file copies!

Robert Mitchell


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By Albasas
19th Jan 2004 09:52

Statements Of Account Only For The Moment
Glynis, I am only dipping my toe in with e-filing so-to-speak, and its not very impressive at all. I am not keen to be a guinea pig, although the £825 approx PAYE sweetner available is tempting!

I have already sought clarification with the dept of IR operating it in November 2003,(when I could view Statements Of Account then and soon thereafter), and my firm obviously has access to this service. Somehow my client's SoA are no longer available on-line. Have they changed my details? Obviously as I now have no client's I dont have a practice now!

I see the ELS is still not without its problems either!

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