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Is a FTT decision case law?

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Is a FTT decision case law (Re Skinner)?

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By SteLacca
09th Mar 2020 15:46

HMRC are correct. FTT decisions are not binding decisions.

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By Mr_awol
09th Mar 2020 16:07


Thanks in advance for any input

Try to use the phrase 'push back' less.

Other than that, HMRC are right (about the FTT bit).

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Lone Wolf
By Lone_Wolf
09th Mar 2020 16:45

I'm guessing there was originally more to this query?

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By Les Howard
09th Mar 2020 16:56

FTT decisions are persuasive, not binding.
But, if you want to disagree with one, you should provide good reasons for doing so.
(HMRC simply ignore them, of course!)

(I agree with Lone Wolf. There is something behind your question! Dog food? Flat Rate Scheme? Something else?)

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Replying to leshoward:
By richard thomas
09th Mar 2020 17:15

I think Lone Wolf was perhaps talking about the same problem I seem to have, which is that the list of queries showed more text for the question than was visible when I clicked on the question. For me all I saw is the statement "Is a FTT decision case law (Re Skinner)?". But now that text on the list page has gone too, so has the OP edited the post?

But you are right of course on the main point, Les.

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Replying to richard thomas:
By Tax Dragon
09th Mar 2020 19:00


IBut now that text on the list page has gone too, so has the OP edited the post?

Yes the OP has turned a good question into a pointless thread in which we moan about Sift not changing the rules.

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