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Is a 'Lifestyle' Coach Training or a Benefit?

P11D - Lifestyle Coaching

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A company pays for a 'lifestyle' coach for an employee at the cost of £300 per month.

From an HMRC point of view would this be classed as a benefit or allowable training?



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By Duggimon
12th Mar 2019 10:49

What does the company do, what does the employee do, what does the training cover, how does it affect the employees job, what do they get from the training.

All these questions, and possibly others too, need answered first.

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By Accountant A
12th Mar 2019 11:08

If I had to guess, I'd say "yes" but if someone was paying me for professional advice, I'd be looking at the legislation and guidance having gathered the full facts about the circumstances.

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By Vile Nortin Naipaan
12th Mar 2019 11:12

As has been indicated, this could conceivably fall within ITEPA 2003, s 250. It could also conceivably fall within s 210/SI 2000/2080.

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By C Graham
15th Mar 2019 11:06

It's usually seen as a form of counselling rather than training as it takes into account the employee's own circumstances and issues. There's no specific goal other than those identified during the process so it can continue without a conclusive end date or result reached.

Presumably this is not currently offered to other employees and there is a genuine reason for the company paying this for the employee. I'd identify the reason why this was offered to the employee to justify if it was a form of counselling. And is it open to all employees if they needed it?

Normally training is based on a set structured process or course, towards a specified end result eg enhanced skill or knowledge which is required by the business. It would also be within a fixed time period.

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