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Is a will tax deductible?

Is a will tax deductible?

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Client has had a will drawn up which covers his personal assets as well as that of his Ltd company.

I'm a bit dubious that the work for this isn't totally 100% business related but the client's solicitor has informed him this is tax allowable. Can anyone confirm if this is the right treatment please?

Cheers in advance.

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By Manchester_man
08th Dec 2015 01:48

No, personal assets are just that, personal, and as far as the company is concerned, company assets are company assets and will remain with the company on the death of the director / shareholder. Presumably the will states what will happen to the ckient's shares in the company but again, this is not a legitimate business expense.

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By Matrix
08th Dec 2015 06:11

Did the client come to you on advice on drawing up a will?  No, so equally he should not be taking tax advice from a solicitor.

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By Jakarmi
08th Dec 2015 10:53

Thanks both

I said this to the client in our meeting who then called the solicitor and put her on speaker in the room.

You could hear her say it is tax deductible and I'm not the only accountant that has made that mistake of questioning it!! Just didn't add up to me but thought I'd double check it here.

Thanks both.

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By cparker87
08th Dec 2015 10:58

Sure it is

Sure it's tax deductible. So long as the payment of the individual's personal liability is taxed as a benefit in kind. 

Perhaps you should ask the solicitor on what legal basis s/he believes the expense is tax deductible without incurring a BIK? 

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By cheekychappy
08th Dec 2015 11:01


Beat me to it.

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