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Is ACA worth it?


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Is applying for ACA membership worth the effort and money? been an ACCA for some time and thinking about applying to become an ACA and also get the firm to ACA status. Part of me thinks: Is it worth all the hassel? 

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By Vaughan Blake1
28th Jun 2019 11:24

Can't see any advantage.

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By Jdopus
28th Jun 2019 11:57

No, clients don't know the difference and even if you were to explain it to them they really wouldn't care.

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By MissAccounting
28th Jun 2019 12:11

Cant imagine ACA could be any worse or offer any less value than ACCA so I say go for it.

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By Mr_awol
28th Jun 2019 15:24

Over recent years they reduced the difficulty of the top-up paper and at one time I believe they offered a direct entry. Not sure what the current requirements are.

I'd say if you are an ACCA firm and are all (or mainly) in the same boat stick with that. If you have a mixture, and it doesn't take too much effort or cost to migrate the ACCA partners to ACA, then it depends which body you prefer to trade under. Personally I don't see the point of having both so presumably if you did upgrade you'd cease membership of the ACCA?

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By John Charman
28th Jun 2019 22:27

Depends how much effort it is really, clients definitely wouldn’t know the difference.

I can’t think of anything that the ACA can offer over and above ACCA.

If it means a lot to you though then go for it!

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02nd Jul 2019 10:16

I would suggest you investigate the "pathways" option into the ACA

We (I am practice manager at ICAEW) have some brilliant benefits for practice members like free access for all your staff (ICAEW members or not) to access Bloomsbury Professional Online. This subscription alone could save your practice more than £4,000 a year

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By djn24
02nd Jul 2019 10:42

I would say it is pointless.
We recently changed from ICAEW to ACCA. Very little difference.
One thing to look at would be the make up of future partners. I would think most would be ACCA and not ACA so would make it tricky in the future when new partners are appointed, as you have to look at control and number of partners.
That's one of reasons I didn't bother with the pathways route. Plus ICAEW is more expensive.

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aca masters profile photo
By ACAMasters
31st Jul 2019 13:35

It is worth at any moment. In the UK, people appear more for ACA than ACCA, so eventually, firms there ask more for ACA candidates.

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By SouthCoastAcc
31st Jul 2019 16:30

Im not sure it is.

They will recommend you keep your ACCA subs as well, so that will be 2 lots of subs to pay. Plus two lots of professional bodies to keep happy.

Also, even pathways is nearing £1.5k from what I remember.

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Replying to SouthCoastAcc:
By paul.benny
01st Aug 2019 08:58

SouthCoastAcc wrote:

Also, even pathways is nearing £1.5k from what I remember.

Not quite. Initial fees are
Exam fee £260
Admission fee £600

Annual fees are, of course, due whichever body you belong to.

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