Is an apostrophe causing a problem?

MTD authorisation not linking to Client Gateway

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I'm trying to get an MTD authorisation to deal with a client's VAT but the client reports that the link generated by HMRC does not work. The only difference that I can see is that the client's correct company name includes an apostrophe and the name as displayed in my list of authorisation requests does not. But the incorrect spelling originates from HMRC once you enter the client VAT number. Has anyone experience of this and how can it be remedied?

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By Dougscott
24th Jun 2024 14:59

I'm also having a problem getting authorised by a client for VAT. He can open the link I sent him but it then says no authorisation request received in his business tax account! HMRC really are a waste of space.

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By SXGuy
24th Jun 2024 16:26

Double check they have first activated the vat section in their tax account and have also entered the authorisation code they get sent by post first.

Because your link will not work unless they are already set up for vat on their own account.

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By Tigger97
25th Jun 2024 14:37

Not really a reply to your question, but possibly interesting nevertheless...

We have had problems on two separate occasions with new clients although not VAT related. Once an apostrophe was replaced with a question mark when HMRC had downloaded client's name from Companies House which stopped a UTR being issued. On the other occasion it seems to have been just the apostrophe itself that prevented the issue of a UTR.

Used the online form to request UTR and that seemed to put it right - eventually .

Has anyone else had similar experiences?

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By alan.falcondale
04th Jul 2024 12:56

Apostrophes in links are problematic but can sometimes be resolved by substituting the apostrophe with the code %27
e.g. John's would become John%27s

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