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Is any using the Sage Business Cloud

Might have a client who would be best suited to it.

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I have a client who has been a Sage Instant user for maybe 15 years. For a few practical reasons (nothing to do with MTD) she needs to move onto cloud software. For the last 3 years Sage have been promising a migration route but it hasnt materialised yet, although it is possible to convert her data to Xero etc. This may now be available via the Sage Cloud (if someone could clarify). 

My head is telling me just to put her on Xero and be done with it. The client does a fairly decent job of her books but does get a bit flustered and panics if somenthing out of the norm comes her way. My gut instinct therefore thinks she maybe be better off staying with Sage if they are now fit fo =r purpose.

I have one client on Sageone who has a decent bookkeeper and to be honest i found it quite easy to do there year end.

I am just wondering if the Sage Business Cloud is any good, or is it just like all the other failed attempts in the recent past like, Sage Drive, Sage Impact etc.

That lanky bloke of Dragons Den runs his whole empire on it so just wondering what others thought of it, as Peter Jones wont return my calls.




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By shortland
26th Aug 2018 22:25

It may be good to use the same cloud brand the client is used to on desk top version than trying a different brand. Other brands may be better but at least try first on the same brand - cloud version. That way If it does not work , then you can be satisfied that at least you tried the desk top brand. You can then go to the next one. You may also want to consider the monthly subscriptions involved.

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By johndon68
27th Aug 2018 16:57

Sage Business Cloud is what was SageOne and, for what it does, it's not too bad at all. It is 'proper' cloud software unlike Sage 50cloud and SageDrive...

I've used the Payroll side of it for a few years now and, whilst there isn't as much to Payroll as there is to accounts, I've not had a single issue with it in that time. It is highly likely I'll be making the move from Sage 50 to Business Cloud next year for MTD.


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By Selaen
28th Aug 2018 10:03

We're biting the bullet and moving to SBC. It's... okay.

We're at a stage where Sage50 isn't enough but proper ERP systems are too much. SBC does enough. Our main draw was the dimensional accounting and the approvals process which brings us from using folders for invoice approvals to a semi-modern environment.

-you can't use the invoice batch import with invoice approvals which makes the input a bit slower than it should be
-editing a transaction is a ridiculous process
-you're on your own to learn it
-stock/fixed assets is pants
-consolidation is pants

On the flip side;
-it's easy to learn (but it's not just like Sage50! If the draw is that it's a Sage product and thus skills easily transferable, it isn't - if Xero is your preference, might as well bite the bullet and go for it as the learning curve is about the same)
-it does what you need it to and more
-they're trying to replicate Xero with the bank feeds. Which is kind of working, but kind of not. Still better than nothing!
-multiple control accounts

We ended up choosing it mainly because the built-in approvals, and we need an easy-to-learn system (our team is firmly stuck in the stone age. Even this is causing palpitations in our guys' tender little hearts). And I'm personally not a fan of Xero or Quickbooks so there's that.

TL;DR - It's not bad but it's not a superhero.

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By daniel_
28th Aug 2018 16:27

We're currently using it for our own books and I do feel like Xero would have been a better choice from the very start.

Direct bank feed support is better on Xero, plus the reconciliation screen is smarter. Sage doesn't support creation of custom rules etc, but it does remember bank statement descriptions (only if they're exactly the same).

Editing transactions is rubbish, e.g. to correct a bank receipt to the wrong customer (which originates from a bank feed) you need to issue a customer refund and manually create a new receipt.

Xero's search function is good for locating items very quickly, it's quite a bit harder to find specific items in Sage One / Business Cloud.

Overall I'd say it's fine... but the interface etc isn't that similar to Sage Instant/50 so if someone is going to climb up any learning curve, it may as well be Xero which is flat out better imo.

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Glenn Martin
By Glenn Martin
28th Aug 2018 16:36

Is there a conversion route available for sage desktop yet and if so what is it like?

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Replying to Glennzy:
By johndon68
28th Aug 2018 16:57

There's not and automatic conversion routine, Sage's recommended conversion process is here:

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By tracey2412
30th Aug 2018 10:27

I have all but 3 of my clients on SageBusinessCloud using SageOn Accounting or SageOne Accounting Start.

I've recently been 'upgraded' to the new dashboard which is based on Salesforce, a recent development which is different to the existing Partner Edition where you just log in & see your list of clients. Eventually this will take all my clients not just SageOne ones, but not yet & when I learn how to use all the extras on it, will be ,my Practice Management software too.

I echo earlier replies that SageOne & Sage 50/instant are totally different - however I find SageOne easier for non-finance people to learn & manage themselves.

Editing transactions is a pain IF the transaction has been either included on a VAT return or bank reconciled but can be easily amended if not.

I understand that there is a way to convert Sage Accounts data to SageOne now

The bank feed is constantly being improved & 'rules' are coming (I'm told!)

The helpdesk are helpful, available 24/7 by phone if urgent, email if not & I think webchat now too.

The only issue I have had as a bookkeeper is that as I am the 'accountant' for all my clients (I sold them their licences), their accountant cannot have them on their dashboard too. To get round this, we found that either you have to create a user (in Accounting you can have multiple users) but this must be an email which is not connected to any other SageOne product at all or give them the client's log in details (in Start, you can only have 1 user & the 'accountant' (me)).

If your client can cope with Sage50/Instant, they will eat SageOne.

Hope that helps. Good luck.

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By [email protected]
30th Aug 2018 14:18

Hi All,

Sage does offer a tool to assist accountants and your clients in moving to Sage Business Cloud Accounting from Sage 50 and Sage Instant Accounts.

Details on the tool are available on the Sage Accountants Hub, but we recommended talking to your Account Manager or calling our accountants team on 0845 111 1111 to find out more.

Accountants Hub:

Rhys (Sage)

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Pile of Stones
By Beach Accountancy
02nd Sep 2018 19:12

Sage One is ok, but it is still way behind Xero and Quickbooks Online. They are trying to catch up, but progress is slow. Also things are are lot harder than they need to be - e.g. it's not obvious that there is a bank reconciliation routine unless you (manually) import the bank statements (if you are not using bank feeds).

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