is anyone else doing 'Movember'

is anyone else doing 'Movember'

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Just wondering if anyone else is doing this?

Two weeks in and I am getting used to some of the comments from colleagues - all in a good cause.

Having said that, my parents return from a long holiday in Australia, so I am not sure what my mum will say. (I should add I'm 41..but you are always a child to your parents.)

My wife is looking forward to December, as she is not a fan.

Good luck all,


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By taxhound
16th Nov 2012 12:28

Lots of my clients

Are suddenly sprouting facial hair (mainly the men I should add...).  Can't say I think it looks great but it is in a good cause!

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By peter.phalichfield
16th Nov 2012 12:38


In my opinion anyone doing this is simply out to attract attention to themselves in a 'Look at me' sort of way.

Why don't they just make a donation to charity instead? I think I know why ..................

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By mrme89
16th Nov 2012 12:59

@ peter.phalichfield – I don

@ peter.phalichfield – I don’t think it is anything to do with ‘look at me’. I think doing Movember is a great idea to raise awareness and promote the charity.

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By JCresswellTax
16th Nov 2012 14:02

Very poor Peter

Look at me?  Its all a bit of a laugh for a good cause, get a grip

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By Canary Boy
16th Nov 2012 14:18

Yes, but

its driving me mad!!!

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By ACDWebb
16th Nov 2012 14:44

Well mine

is to recreate a look from the 70's and to raise money for a worthy cause

It's HERE should anyone not have been caught already and feel the urge to support ;)

EDIT - but I accept no responsibility for the trauma that may be caused by viewing said MoSpace :) /EDIT

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16th Nov 2012 14:36

Maybe I should

I'm not doing it yet, but thinking about..... it could have its advantages;

1. I could raise money for a good cause

2. I could save a bit of money on shaving gel and razor blade wear

3. I could put my nasal hair trimmer away for a month and nobody would be any the wiser.


It's all good!

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By Sheepy306
16th Nov 2012 17:45

@peter - you couldn't be more wrong in Mu opinion. I'm doing it for the month and if it raises just a tiny bit of talk and awareness with even 1 person then it's a good result for issues which are rarely talked about and are supported very little in comparison to other good causes. Besides raises a bit of money and makes life a little more fun!

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Locutus of Borg
By Locutus
16th Nov 2012 18:23

Yes, but started late
I'm currently at the "thick stubble" stage. I'm alarmed at the amount of grey on my 41 year old chin and a bit puzzled at the odd ginger hairs sprouting out. I was hoping for a dignified black beard look rather than down-and-out wino apparition that stares at me in the mirror.

My Movember run is next Sunday. Dreading the client meetings next week ... including a new client!

All good fun though!

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By Rachael White
20th Nov 2012 12:44

Why not let us know how much you have raised and send us pictures of your facial hair progress? We're putting together a Movember round-up article and would love to hear from you.


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Replying to daveforbes:
By freya
22nd Nov 2012 13:06

Movember progress



Gordon D'Silva from Gordons Knight is doing very well! Please include him in your round up article!!





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By waltere
26th Nov 2012 11:19

Raising awareness is just as important as raising money

@peter - I think you're missing the point.  "Attracting attention" and raising awareness are very important parts of the Movember movement.  If growing a tache starts a few conversations between ordinary guys in the pub (even if these start out with "What is THAT supposed to be?...) then all well and good.  Slipping a fiver discretely into a charity collection box just won't achieve the same.

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By peter.phalichfield
26th Nov 2012 11:44


Sorry but my opinion remains the same.

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By andy.mars
26th Nov 2012 11:54

Well waid waltere

I'm a typical bloke who won't go to the doctors until I'm really forced into it. (I once struggled with an undiagnosed snapped achilles for three weeks.)

The only time I've gone straight to the doctors was earlier this year with some slight swelling and soreness "down below". I had a scan done and received the all clear.

The reason I took this prompt action was that I've had two mates who I play rugby with both ending up having a [***] removed. As a team we all partake in Movember and I've readily discussed my motivations with male and female colleagues (hoping they'll dicuss it with boyriends and husbands).

The more people who are aware of the benefits of early treatment and the importance of doing a regular check is great by me. It's quite difficult to start a discussion with someone about testicular cancer, much much easier to start with the icebreaker of laughing at my dodgy tache.

As a bonus I've also got pledges for £150 to carry on the fight.


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By jennyhowell
26th Nov 2012 12:37

Movember 2013

Could there be an opportunity here for an AccountingWEB Movember effort next year? Members of the site and staff here (myself not included obviously!)

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Locutus of Borg
By Locutus
01st Dec 2012 18:45

Movember run


I completed the 10 kilometre Movember run around Greenwich Park last Sunday in a Sherlock Holmes outfit.  The whiskers didn’t stay long after that(!), but I kept the moustache for an extra day.

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Routemaster image
By tom123
01st Dec 2012 21:22

I raised about £100 in the

I raised about £100 in the end. Well worth the embarassment. I was almost used to it.u

Congratulations to all.

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