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Is anyone using IRIS OpenSpace?

Looking at client portals as a secure way to send documents to my clients.

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Hello, i am looking into client portals to securely share information with my clients. I use IRIS products and see IRIS have a client portal called OpenSpace.

I am aware its free for IRIS customers and its integrated with IRIS products. However wanted to hear how other practices have adopted it and how their clients have felt with it.

I would also be intrested to hear about Citrix Sharefile or any others client portals.

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By leicsred
12th Feb 2018 13:28

We used to use it and it was fine - we moved our document management to Virtual Cabinets which has it's own portal so we now use that.

When we used to use it we had no particular problems so as it's free would be a good choice.

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By Paul Scholes
12th Feb 2018 14:22

Hi - I've been using Openspace since it was released and it's been a great help. With 1GB (I think) of free space for anyone, it's been the one Iris product I've kept hold of after giving up everything else a year ago.

Strange as it may seem I've found it easier to use since I gave up the rest of Iris as I found the integration a bit inflexible partly as it always uploaded docs to an integrated folder, whereas I wanted them in my own folders, eg Tax return, Accounts etc.

Also, at that time, Iris didn't integrate documents, you had to do that outside Iris (eg tax return, comps & schedules). This may have changed.

The electronic authorisation works extremely well, especially now they enable multiple authorities, that can be edited when you upload if you need to.

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Replying to Paul Scholes:
By simale
10th May 2018 13:53

please let me know how you managed this. When I called IRIS they insist that I use other products as well

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Replying to simale:
By greenbunnygirl
29th May 2018 13:12

I'm interested to know this too. I've just signed up and been given 0Gb of data....

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By Bacc
12th Feb 2018 15:05

I use is and it is very good, had to fiddle a bit to get it all working with my website but now it all works fine.

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By sjmaccounting
13th Feb 2018 10:30

Signed up for the free 1gb available to accountants that was blanket emailed a few weeks ago - but no free space allocated to my account! Have sent 3/4 email chasers but no reply - will be looking elsewhere

EDIT to say - all set up this morning!!

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Man of Kent
By Kent accountant
12th Feb 2018 20:00

Have been using it for just over 3 years and have found it to be excellent.

Clients find it easy to use and had no resistance at all when it was introduced.

I don't use any other Iris products.

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By SteveOH
12th Feb 2018 23:11

I've also been using it for a few years now. I don't subscribe to any other IRIS products. No problems with it whatsoever.

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By marks
12th Feb 2018 23:12

We use IRIS but clients found it difficult to use openspace. At the time I looked you couldnt merge documents together or have multiple signatures but understand you can now.

We use Hellosign and even the non IT literate clients can use it. Costs about £10 per month. Going to look at IRIS openspace again in the next few months as understand it has had a few updates since we last looked at it over a year ago as would make sense for us to use it to upload everything quickly from communications tab.

We are also looking at Sharefile to send documents securely by email as we only use Hellosign to send final documents for signing and send drafts by email though understand under GDPR that wont be compliant so will need to encrypt emails.

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By leeanthonyblackshaw
14th Feb 2018 09:50

Tried to test Openspace but Iris tell me that they won't offer a free trial, as not an existing customer. It shows 0GB so impossible to test, unless I pay the £5pm for 1GB. [Edit: they've now emailed to say it was an error and have given me the free 1GB]

Sharefile offer a 30 day trial. Tested and it looks very good as a shared folder but more expensive. Also offers encrypted email that they claim doesn't need the recipient to require specific email program.

Boxcryptor/Whisply looks good for sending occasional encrypted files, with a texted pin or password - can also send from mobile app but doesn't yet work for receiver of file using mobile to open.

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By pauljohnston
16th Feb 2018 13:41

We have used DocSafe for many years. It has just updated its operating system. Hard to fault when even an idiot like me cant screw it up.

We have sharefile but have yet to give it a good trial. What I want to know is are the files encrypted and how does the software know that the correct receipient has received it

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By gerrysims
17th May 2018 18:40

Just picked up on this thread as we're trying OpenSpace. Can anyone advise whether it is possible to split the client list by user portfolio in OpenSpace as it is quite a scroll to find who you are looking for otherwise. Not even an alphabet to click on.

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By SteLacca
29th May 2018 13:30

Personally, I'm testing ownCloud on a Raspberry Pi with a connected USB HD on my home network, at the moment, and I think this may do the job. You can ring fence logins, whilst sharing files with clients. The drive can be encrypted if required, and the total cost would be peanuts (Pi approx £36, HD maybe £50, and URL for client access, £6 per year).

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