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Is anyone working with Sage 200 and Solid Works?

We use Sage 200 and solid works, and are looking at integration

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We use Solid Works for our engineering design, and Sage 200 for financials and purchase ordering.

Does anyone have direct experience of software that links these two systems together?

At present, we are tending to have to re-type BOMS with greater or lesser degrees of success.

Thanks in anticipation

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By daniel_
29th Jan 2019 18:11

Your best bet may be looking into getting a bespoke script made for you to translate the BOM that Solidworks produces into what Sage is looking for.

This would most likely be in Solidworks macro language for some or all of the process.

For the import side I know PostTrans does BOM stuff in Excel but I haven't looked into it.

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Replying to daniel_:
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By tom123
30th Jan 2019 10:28

Thanks Daniel, it was more the use of a software product to sit over the two and manage the links dynamically.

The problem we have is that the key field(s) are generally not exactly identical in both systems - and version control etc.

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