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Is grant funding for musician taxable income

Is grant funding for musician taxable income

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My client is a self employed jazz musician who gets by on tutoring and playing gigs.He completes an SA return for tax purposes.

He recently received a couple of small grants, ( a few hundred pounds) one from PRSF to assist with costs of recording CD and one from Jazz Services support for a band tour.

Should these grants be declared as income on his SA return?


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By Phil Yaboots
15th Jan 2016 17:51

In my view, yes. Appears intended to defray trading expenses.

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15th Jan 2016 23:07

Id say yes also.

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16th Jan 2016 12:36

No. Just net it off against the expenditure that is subsidised before claiming relief for that expenditure.

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16th Jan 2016 13:00

Netting it off is fine but essentially it's still taxable income as the result it the same...

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16th Jan 2016 13:11

No! Surely not?

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