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Is it okay to jail break an iphone?

Is it okay to jail break an iphone?

Till recently I had no idea what jail breaking an iphone meant. My understanding is that this is to allow non apple apple software to be loaded to iphone.

Has anyone done this? There is software I would like to download that is outside i tunes.

Are they any downsides to allowing my relative to jail break my iphone? Is it legal? 


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27th Jul 2011 09:04

I won't do it

Jailbreaking sounds good in principle, it opens up some interesting extra apps & lets you configure the user interface more than you would normally be able to.

However, jailbreaking has serious implications for the security of your phone (potentially opening the door to virus / hacking) , it will void your warranty from Apple, the jailbreak gets broken by future Apple software updates, the phone will be less stable and crash more; and there is always a chance you will permanently damage the phone and render it unusable (brick it).  For those reasons, I will never be jailbreaking.

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27th Jul 2011 09:28

Ever get the feeling the world has moved on without you?!

 Thanks guys .... just feeling that bit older suddenly!

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27th Jul 2011 10:54

Legal but with greater security risks

It has been considered by the courts in the US and deemed not illegal. I'm not sure if the same applies in this country, but it seems likely that similar arguments could apply. The basic argument is that someone modifying their own property to be used with programs outside the Apple store does not break any laws. It's not like you are stealing software from Apple to do it, which kills Apple's original copyright violation argument.

However, you will almost certainly void the warranty in the same way as if you opened the seals on a computer to add new components. You are also opening yourself up to wider security risks.

See this article from Guardian, which briefly touches on the subject and wider issues of using mobiles for activity intended to be secure.

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27th Jul 2011 23:54

Helpful response

Thanks for the response that I found helpful.

Reading the response and the Guardian article it is best not to jail break. This is beacuse of virus risks and also it may damage my iphone.

10 year old will not happy since he has been itching to jail break.

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04th Aug 2011 11:54

Risks are minimal

You are only exposing your phone to any risks if you go and install unknown software much the same as if you use cracked versions of pc programs as for stability the jailbreak should have little (if any effect). iphones are very resilient devices and even if the software goes corrupt then they can almost always be recovered via itunes.

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