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Is it possible for agent and company to both download tax codes?

Is it possible for agent and company to both...

I have just been given a payroll for a group of employees in a company, using Sage payroll. The rest of the employees are being processed by the company, also on Sage.

Therefore we both have the same company reference numbers (and at year end I will merge the 2 payrolls).

I have registered just to file online and not as the company's payroll agent, as I had assumed only one of us could get the download from HMRC of tax code changes.

I have no idea who to speak to at HMRC about this.

Is it possible for 2 of us to download the same tax codes without affecting the other's ability to do so? (I would register as the agent and the company would use its own reference.)


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06th Feb 2012 12:58


It's the HMRC gateway ID and password that determine which notifications get downloaded. If you're an agent you'll get them for any company for whom you are the agent. The PAYE reference isn't sent in the request.

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