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Is it safe to let client's use office for registered address?

Is it safe to let client's use office for...

Hi there,

We have some clients who use our office as a registered office.  Normal procedure I guess in our industry - but is there a danger of a visit from baliffs if client's company has a CCJ?

Is there anything we can do to mitigate this risk?




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07th Dec 2012 13:54

Is it a problem?

It is possible.  I had a visit from someone recently who implied he was a bailiff.  He was probably just a debt collector but I didn't bother to check.

I told him the only items in the property belonging to the client are the statutory books.  I told him he could take them but I would require an undertaking from him to the client indemnifying him against any penalties for failure to maintain the records at the registered office.  If he tried to take anything else I would treat that as theft and act accordingly.

He went away.  It was no problem for me but do you have anything of your client's which has value?

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By Monsoon
07th Dec 2012 14:31

No problem

We've acted as RO for various clients for years. Never had a problem.

If a bailiff turned up I'd tell them where to go. There is no legal obligation to let a bailiff into your property unless backed with a court order. One presumes (hopefully) that someone backed with a court order can tell the difference between a company's place of business and their accountant's office.

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07th Dec 2012 14:33

Not a problem

Statutory bodies recognise the difference between registered & trading premises and so will go away once they realise.

Sometimes it can add spice to a dull office, I was interviewed by SOCA a couple of months back and a few years before that was read my rights by a Customs officer.

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07th Dec 2012 15:24

I rather like the balliffs turning up and find them "fun" to deal with. Offering RO facilities is something I've always done and brings three main advantages

1. An extra source of income (I assume the OP charges for the service)

2. I can keep an eye on the statutory fiing position

3.I get early warning of the client being in trouble eg when summonses


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07th Dec 2012 15:35

What if accountant works from home?

I work from home. If i let somebody use my office/home address as their registered office and they subsequently got into difficulty, could that effect my personal credit rating?

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07th Dec 2012 15:46

Do not under any circumstances use your home as an RO even for yourself. The domestic disharmony this can cause is immense if balliiffs/debt collectors turn up. Wifes/partners/children do not understand and generally won't accept your excuses ( not me it's my clients) My comments were about a separate commercial office away form the home.

Yes it may effect the credit rating of the address and casue you aggravation

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