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Is it too late to tell TPR not an employer?

Is it too late for a client to tell TPR they are not an employer for Auto-enrolment

New clients staging date was 4 and half months ago and their declaration of compliance date is looming 1st April 2018. They thought their previous accountant has sorted things out with TPR and told them the client was not an employer for AE purposes.

They are a small limited company; husband and wife Directors; no employees. Should have advised TPR earlier that they are not an employer. Is it too late to do this. 

If it is too late what is the minimum information they will need to include on the declaration?


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22nd Mar 2018 14:23

If their compliance date is 1st April 2018, they have just over a week.

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By Matrix
22nd Mar 2018 16:47

Yes there is still time but it may not be required if TPR has marked the payroll as Director only. The previous accountant could have dealt with it, we check whether a declaration is required for all our payrolls but clients don't necessarily know about this or take much interest.

Either call TPR or look up the letter reference and login to your TPR account and add the letter reference. If it works then file the declaration stating there are no workers, if it doesn't work then the no declaration is required.

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