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Is MLR registration required

Does a book-keeper working in a non-regulated business need to register

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A property managing agent is required to provide financial service charge statements to the leaseholders of managed properties each year to report the charges collected and how those funds have been expended for the relevant property. The statements are prepared in-house, by an employee, but is the person preparing them caught by the MLR and should register (as an accounting services provider) even though the managing agent's business itself is not required to be registered?

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By Sarah Z
24th Sep 2021 12:22

They are an employee, so no

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David Winch
By David Winch
24th Sep 2021 13:15

Agreed, the employee does not fall within the scope of an accountancy service provider.
The managing agent will also not be required to register providing it is not acting as an "estate agent" or "letting agent" (as defined in the regulations - basically someone who helps sellers / buyers of property to find someone who wants to buy from / sell to them, or someone who helps landlords find prospective tenants or prospective tenants find suitable property to rent).

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By M G Weemys
24th Sep 2021 13:33

Many thanks for your response (a 3rd party's review/agreement is always reassuring)! This was also my own interpretation, based solely upon the nature of the business of the Managing Agent itself not falling into any of the other categories mentioned (that would have then required registration).

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