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Is that a Yes

Is that a Yes

I set up a DD for VAT payment in April and the first debit should have gone through on 11th May, but didn't.
An email to HMRCs VAT enquiries office required a simple "Yes" or "No" answer. No other information was necessary, no security issues were involved.
The response was:

Thank you for your email.

For security reasons we are unable to provide any information, or carry out any actions, requested by email

If you require any further information or assistance, please contact our VAT Online helpdesk on 0845 010 8500 (international callers dial 0044 2920 501 261)

Please note that we will require a Director, Partner, Sole Trader of the business, or a person authorised to act on behalf of the business (such as an agent named on a 64-8 form), to pass security before any information can be disclosed.

All calls will be recorded

VAT Online Services Helpdesk

If they can't provide any response, why offer the email facility in the first place!!


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19th May 2011 11:22

HMRC e-mail

So you can complete their customer satisfaction survey (see my earlier posting)

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23rd May 2011 12:53

It is quite common for the first quarter's DD to fail after the facility has been set up.


I set up DD's for about 20 clients in total over a few months as their quarters fell due after electronic payment became compulsary. I found that almost half of clients failed to have to first quarter's VAT payment deducted properly once the DD had been set up. You need to provide about 3 weeks between setup and when the first payment is due for deduction. Check your dates and that may well have been the problem.

Also, make sure your client makes a seperate electronic payment to ensure that this quarter is paid up and contact HMRC on your client's behalf to advise them of this and the penalty should be mitigated. If HMRC don't comply, fight it vigorously!

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