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Is the HMRC Calculator for NRCGT wrong?

Why are HMRC deducting annual exemption before letting relief?

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I've just been checking the HMRC calculator for NRCGT to make sure it agrees with my figures and I note it deducts the £12k annual exemption in computing the taxable gain before it allows Letting Relief to be entered. It does this for all 3 options. Surely this is wrong. The taxpayer might well wish to use the exemption on another disposal. If his Letting Relief reduces the taxable gain to less than £12k, why should he have to use up his whole allowance on that asset?

Is this yet another example of HMRC messing it up (or trying it on) or have I missed something here? I know Letting Relief will soon only become available to Rigsby and his like, but have they subordinated it to the annual exemption as well? Must have missed that announcement if they have.

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By possep
22nd Aug 2019 09:10

I had issues with the NRCGT calculator. I don't have time to look at but an earlier post had useful links which gave me my answer. My query was regarding the last 18 months and lettings relief but it may have other info in the links.

By Expat24
09th Sep 2017 17:49

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Replying to possep:
By cfield
22nd Aug 2019 10:45

Yes, no letting relief for the last 18 months as (currently) it is already exempt. Otherwise you'd be getting tax relief for the same period twice.

CG26810 in the HMRC Manual gives a good illustration of the way PRR and letting relief interact with NRCGT. Their example deducts letting relief from the gain and doesn't even mention the annual exemption, so the HMRC Calculator is doing it the wrong way round.

This can be easily tested with dummy data. Keep the dates and figures as simple as possible and see what it comes up with. It shows the taxable gain as £12k less than it should, before entering letting relief.

It's also odd that the Calculator doesn't work out the letting relief for you. It's probably the most complicated part of the calculation, yet they expect you to enter the figure yourself. All the data is there so no reason why the system can't do it.

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