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Is the man down the pub amongst us?

Unfortunate abbreviation of the site description

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We often refer to the "man down the pub" when someone has received obviously poor advice.

But I just noticed how the description of the main page of this site is abbreviated when you have a certain number of tabs open. Does that explain some of the odder responses here?

The leading online pub...


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By mrme89
12th Aug 2019 14:01

It's not just here. The internet is full of dopey questions and even dopier answers, as well as complete misinformation.

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By memyself-eye
12th Aug 2019 14:27

True - I blame the Romans - they're planning a comeback you know, new straight roads, wall to keep out the Scots (obviously) and an overhaul of the sewers. I might pass this on down the pub later....

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Replying to memyself-eye:
Hallerud at Easter
12th Aug 2019 15:48

Wasnae just us, if you look at where they built the wall they were no that keen on aw them frae Northumbria though for some reason they could stomach the Geordies .

We are happy to take back Northumbria , in effect scotland reverts to the wall border,providing:

1. No more signs telling us how many people killed on the particular stretch of road

2. Removal of the sneaky speed cameras.

3.The burger van at the current AI border does not get moved to the new Southern border, it makes me cringe, "welcome to Scotland, have our national diet, a burger"

4. No more requirement for a rod licence, you get permission to fish the water from the riparian owners, why should the state get anything?

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By Trannysister
12th Aug 2019 16:29

I am here, but you should be aware that I have recently changed gender, and I'm now the woman down the pub.
I am fed up with people always blaming me for giving bad advice when in a (very slightly) inebriated state. The advice is never bad when given, but by the time the recipient sobers up and misinterprets his vague memories of the night before, it might have "gone off" just a little.

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By LostinSuspense
14th Aug 2019 16:32

I get all my best advice from the man down the pub. Best advice is just before closing / after 8 pints.

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