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Is the £3500 + VAT paid for "parliamentary Review"

Is the £3500 + VAT paid for "parliamentary Review" corp tax deductible ?

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Some businesses have been invited to participate at a cost of £3500 + VAT

1. Would this fit "Wholly and Exclusively.."



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By tom123
25th Jun 2019 14:02

Oh dear, did someone get caught out by this scam?

Is Eric Pickles still shown.

I suppose you would just call it advertising.

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By leicsred
25th Jun 2019 14:10

My email was certainly "from" Eric Pickles - I refused, I am a bit disappointed that it was just a money making scheme, I thought my massive contribution to the world of accountancy was being recognised.

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By WhichTyler
26th Jun 2019 08:59

If that's how you choose to spend your marketing budget...

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By lionofludesch
26th Jun 2019 11:42

Bearing in mind the scant respect the Government pays to the accountancy profession, even if it were genuine, I wouldn't be wasting £3500 + VAT on them.

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