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Is the tax Status of TRNC same as Cyprus?

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As the Turkish Republic Northern Cyprus (TRNC) isn't international recognised (apart from Turkey) do the UK tax relations with Cyprus also apply to that region too. My feeling is that it would but starting to go round in circles on this!!

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By paul.benny
14th May 2019 11:09

Without being influenced by any actual knowledge, I would suggest the answer is no.

Even though TRNC is not generally recognised, Cyprus has no practical jurisdiction there (over anything, not just tax). It therefore cannot make any agreements with third countries about anything concerning TRNC.

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By Montrose
14th May 2019 15:37

The Double tax agreement effective 18th July 2018 is between the UK and the Republic of Cyprus[also a member of the EU].
Northern Cyprus is considered by the international community to be part of the Republic of Cyprus.
However taxes paid by individuals or businesses to the so called Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus would not be recognised as falling under the Agreement as they are not paid to the Republic of Cyprus.
The situation of an individual who leaves the UK to reside in Northern Cyprus is more complex.

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