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Is the UTR process even worse than ever?

Rubbish rubbish rubbish HMRC

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I have new clients who took over a local restaurant in November.  on 10 November they applied for a UTR for their partnership. It still has not come, this means we cannot properly register for an employer reference and issue payslips.

They have been quoted 10 January !!!  Two bloody months to issue a 10 digit number, how hard can it effing be HMRC?

Meanwhile I'll be setting up the payslips using my own firm's employer reference and AO reference in order to issue them properly, but not able to submit this stuff on RTI obviously until the proper stuff is in place.

This utter drivel from HMRC really sticks in the throat when they are trying to put a gun to everyone's heads to go at 100mph on Making Tax Digital.  Yes we have to go at 100mph, but as per usual HMRC have only two speeds - dead slow and dead stop!




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By Manchester_man
16th Dec 2016 01:32

Same. Applied for UTR for a couple of clients 6 weeks ago. Nothing!

Clients are asking me what is wrong. Embarrassing.

Absolute [***] take

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Replying to Manchester_man:
By PK Busness Services
19th Dec 2016 12:32

Well thats what HMRC want
Its classic divide and conquer tactics

HMRC wont the clients to be unrepresented

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By DMGbus
16th Dec 2016 08:20

Regarding the PAYE scheme set up problem in these circumstances I use structured eMail to register for PAYE - although a box on screen asks for a UTR it is not asterisked as compulsory on the structured eMail method of setting up a PAYE scheme...

PARTNERSHIP (2 partners)

PARTNERSHIP (3 to 5 partners)

PARTNERSHIP (6 to 10 partners)

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Chris M
By mr. mischief
16th Dec 2016 09:27

Thanks, great tip.

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By raybackler
19th Dec 2016 15:58

Client lives in Spain, but I'm doing 2016 tax return. He registered for Self Assessment and obtained UTR before he moved back to Spain. I have tried to get the SA pin so I can register as his agent. Pin didn't turn up after 28 days, so got him to call HMRC, who didn't have his Spanish address quite right. I reapplied for the pin. He was quoted 28 day delivery for letters outside UK for a pin that expires after 28 days. When the pin expired on 6th December, I applied again. Previous pin now arrived in Spain after a useless 39 days! Thank goodness he got his UTR before he left the country. Hopefully the next pin will arrive before 28 days, but with Christmas and a postal strike, I don't hold out much hope. Anyone got any suggestions, because I don't think a paper 64-8 will get processed in time?

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Replying to raybackler:
By Expat24
19th Dec 2016 16:42

This is an habitual problem for me with many expat clients in far flung locations. God help us if they live in the Middle East and China, so I just go back to an old fashioned paper 64-8. You're right - unlikely to get a paper one processed but you don't need a 64-8 in place to e-file a tax return on most software eg TaxCalc. Just e-file and then sort out the 64-8 later.

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Replying to Expat24:
By raybackler
19th Dec 2016 17:05

Hi Expat24,

Totally agree that I can e file his SA Return. I was just making the point that if he hadn't had the foresight to register for SA before he left the country that I would have been in the same boat as the OP. Luckily, I am just struggling to get registered as his accountant with HMRC. I would like to have been able to call HMRC about his address change and had access to his digital account.


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Replying to raybackler:
By Gone Sailing
19th Dec 2016 20:15

The SA UTR is needed to get an authorisation code for the client to get onto your HMRC online list - and to permit HMRC to talk to you - fair enough.

But which software are you using to file the SA? If HMRC online then you have a problem.

I have now switched to another tax filing software - I'm thinking one of my (similar to yours) cases might go straight through on a UTR only without the authorisation code.

I know for definite that this works for PAYE.

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19th Dec 2016 16:11

Now you know why MTD will fail.

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19th Dec 2016 16:59

After getting locked out for some unknown error while I was trying register a partnership in September it took (numerous phone calls and long waits) until November to manage to register.

I contacted the client last week just to check that they hadn't received the UTR and not told me. No nothing received. Then today I read this. Will I get the UTR before 31 January? Who knows?

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By Digit Dabbler
19th Dec 2016 18:42

New client completed the HMRC structured email online to register for self assessment a couple of weekends ago. She didn't receive a confirmation email or submission number so she rang on the following Tuesday to check they were dealing with it and they gave her the UTR over the phone.

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By asvinmehta
19th Dec 2016 19:21

It took over a year and more than 20 calls from ourselves and client from Australia to get a UTR.
NRL and several HMRC departments kept giving the wrong information and they even lost the SA application form sent by the client directly from Australia

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