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Is the VAT threshold 12 months or 52 weeks

Is the VAT 12 months i.e. Jan to Dec add on take off a month or 52 weeks add on take off a week

Im trying to find out more about VAT threshold practice, is it calculated over full monthly rollover periods or 52 weekly rollover periods as i don't know which way i should be calculating. I'm a sole trader in the constuction industry

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25th Dec 2018 01:14

A sole trader and concerned about the VAT registration threshold? Well done; business is good! Looks like it's time you engaged an accountant who will make sure all you tax affairs are correctly and efficiently managed.

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to Accountant A
25th Dec 2018 10:12

**** ** - can't you sleep?

It's 12 (calendar) months.

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26th Dec 2018 10:13

Subcontractors usually benefit from registering voluntarily.

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