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View attachments. Sage 50. By nominal code

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Hoping a regular Sage50 user can help.

Client has provided backup and they are using AutoEntry to add bills to Sage50.  I'm reviewing nominals and trying to view the attached invoices.

I don't seem to be able to do this via the nominal record (nominal codes tab, selecting the nominal code I want to review and then go through the activity tab).  I am getting a "not possible to drill down" error.  If I search for the supplier and find the invoice on their contact record I can view the attachment there.  Obviously this takes significantly longer.

I'm basically looking to have a list of transactions in say the entertaining nominal and would like to click on any item in the list to view the attachment without having to find it via the supplier record.  Is this possible?  Am I missing something obvious?

Appologise in advance if this is a stupid question!


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By FayeBK
29th Nov 2023 13:41

Will admit I only have one client on Sage these days and they don't use the attaching feature but what about going to the Transactions tab, click Filter and then do a search along the lines of:

"Where" : "Nominal Code" : "Is Equal To" : "7403"
"And" : "Date": "Is Greater Than" : "xx/xx/xx" (last day of previous financial year so you only get current year stuff)

This will give you a list of what's in that nominal code... does it let you drill down from there to see attachments?

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Replying to FayeBK:
Danny Kent
By Viciuno
29th Nov 2023 14:13

Thank you! I didn't even think of looking at the transactions screen - that works perfectly. There is even a button that opens up the attachment without you having to drill down any further.

Very much appreciated!

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By GDavidson
07th Dec 2023 19:08

Having been a TAS user who was unceremoniously transferred on to Sage not getting to the root of transactions quickly is the thing I hate most. Odd that TAS was a so much better package 20 years ago than Sage is now. It was always explained to me that Sage uses a very primitive underlying database that wasn't amenable to any great change. But they had a great marketing department. So here we are.

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