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Is there a difference between a complaint & an appeal?

Is there a difference between a complaint & an...


When dealing with HMRC

What is the difference between a complaint and an appeal if there is one ?

Thank in advance


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28th Mar 2012 12:13

Drastic difference in my view

Appeal; usually within 30 days of receiving a document or decision, which you disagree with and feel you have grounds to lodge an alternative argument.

Complaint; totally remote from an appeal situation (in 99.9% of cases) - you've exhausted all of the usual pleasantries within the organisation and you've decided to move the situation for someone to objectively look at your deliberations. Within HMRC you would have already; dealt with the initial department, possibly (these days) gone through the agent account manager territory and, at that stage, believing that you still had grounds for further remedy, you may then embark on the complaint.


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28th Mar 2012 20:15

Appeal is a legal right

and if not resolved you can take the matter to First Tier Tax Tribunal and beyond - indeed maybe as far as the Supreme Court.

Complaint is something more along the lines of "maladministration" where if you could not agree matters you would go to Revenue Adjudicator or Parliamentary Ombudsman & see if they back it up.

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