Is there a way to print a blank VAT form 427?

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Trying to complete form 427 online but when I click on Preview to produce the form for signing I just get the "Sorry, there is a problem with the service Try again later."

This has been coming up for days now so is there a way to print a blank one so I can just fill it in with a pen?!

Thanks for any assistance

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By SkyBlue22
23rd May 2024 12:16

Not on HMRC that I know of, but if you google VAT form 427 pdf then there are sites that host a copy.

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Replying to SkyBlue22:
By FactChecker
23rd May 2024 17:59

.. or try this thread for a solution in many of these cases:

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By Jason Croke
23rd May 2024 13:17

Many of HMRC's online forms are broken, HMRC know they are broken, HMRC don't care that they're broken.

Digital revolution remember!

Version here, not sure if it is the latest version but better than nothing, certainly check the address to send it to as suspect the address on this form is out of date/office closed.

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By sosleepy
23rd May 2024 14:03

Thank you both. I was hoping there'd be an option on HMRC somewhere so that I could be sure (ish) that it was an up to date version. But as Jason said it's still better than nothing even if it's an old one.
Thanks again.

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By darren.austin
23rd May 2024 14:09

Have you tried a different browser. I have had forms open in Edge but not Crome.

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By sosleepy
23rd May 2024 14:23

Darren - thank you. I'd been using Edge so I tried in Chrome whilst filled with doubt and it worked.
I should be happy now but that's just annoyed me even more (HMRC not you!)
Thanks again

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