Is there an AWEB system problem

Clocks need to be adjusted

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I just attemepted to edit a posting, which was entered at 9.24. The AWAEB systen says I can't edit after 8.55. Have the clocks not yet been adjsuted on the system ??

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By Paul Crowley
06th Apr 2021 13:51

Just checked on myself
Agree clock is wrong
I have until 2021-04-06 13.18 to edit this comment.
Nothing to to do with USA
They just do not get 'Military Time'

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Replying to Paul Crowley:
By Hugo Fair
06th Apr 2021 14:26

FWIW I've noticed this since BST struck ... but didn't bother reporting it because (despite the "you have until" message) you CAN actually edit for up to 30 mins after posting. In other words, although annoying, the error is in the message not in the control over editing.

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By petersaxton
14th Apr 2021 13:53

I notice HMRC hadn't updated their times for putting the clocks forward

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