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is there an easy way

is there an easy way

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A former client (but still a friend) had a company he ran for a couple of years. Took no salary but did have a paye scheme.

Business failed and all creditors were paid by the director. No taxes due.

Company was struck off in jan 2012.

Unfortunately no nil p35 was  done prior to strike off. He has been getting letters for last year now asking for paye returns. He has called and said "there is no company so a return cant be done" i have called and explained similar but hmrc insist they want a return. But as i see it no one can do one now.

He. Has just recd the £1200 penalty letter so now is really scared.

Does anyone know an "easy" way to get this put to bed . As i see it retospectively doing the returns is incorrect now or am i missing a trick......?


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By tom123
31st Aug 2013 08:55

Who would pay the penalty

I can see how the letters would be annoying - but surely there is no company left to pay the penalty. I don't think the director is liable - or is there an exemption for payroll etc that I am unaware of.

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By zebaa
31st Aug 2013 11:25

Tom123 is right...

...there is no company left to pay any penalties. HMRC can insist all they want but they can do nothing further than write pointless letters. Do NOT be tempted to try and placate them by doing a retrospective return.

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By Cloudcounter
31st Aug 2013 22:17

Write to HMRC

and point out once again that the company does not exist. Point out that you have told them this several times. Ask them if it would help them to grasp this if you arranged to meet one of them and tattoo this on their forehead

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