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Is There An Equivalent UK Model?

All-singing, All-Dancing Multi-Talented Eastern European Waitress!

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Went to a nice restaurant the other month in the UK. Was greeted by an acrobatic, dancing waitress with an eastern European accent, playing an accordion and tunefully singing the old Marlene Dietrich song "Lili Marlene".

She took our quite complex orders without writing anything down and memorised all of our peculiar requirements. To my complete and utter surprise, she then came back post-haste with everything as ordered. A beautiful meal.

You get all this for less than £15,000 a year (restaurant bill was much less).

And a hit with the boys!.

My question is, is there such an equivalent human being anywhere in the British Isles? And once there is a cap on immigration, will such a talent become a thing of the past?

When I look at what I see locally, I do begin to wonder!

P.S. How do those Eastern European countries produce such talent and discipline? Is it something in their water?


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By SWAccountant
11th Dec 2019 10:52

Did you just assume gender, in this day and age?

How dare.

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