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Is there an issue with HMRC & Scottish taxpayers?

Amended tax calculations being sent out for Scottish taxpayers

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Since the New Year we have come in to a lot of amended tax caluclations - at least 8 so far. The only thing HMRC has changed is to switch them from being taxed at Scottish rates, to the rates applicable to the rest of the UK.

In all cases we have submitted the return correctly, ticked the box in the software to indicate a Scottish tax payer, and the calcualtion has calculated the tax correctly. The address in all cases has been in Scotland and there has been nothing on the return to indicate they have been elsewhere. 

I'm waiting on a call back about one of them, but before I go ahead wasting time calling about them all I was wondeirng if anyone else had noticed an issue?

Hope this isn't going to be a common thing as 99.9% of our clients are Scottish taxpayers. :(