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Is there any way to import bank transactions (CSV or Excel) into VT or Quickbooks (or any other similar package)?

Is there any way to import bank transactions ...

I have a client with numerous bank transactions where I currently use an excel approach for bookkeeping and VAT returns. This works nicely with the bank entries as the client emails me a CSV file which I can simply copy/paste and then do a quick analysis.

I'm now looking to transfer the client into either VT or Quickbooks for ease of reporting - but I really don't want to manually key-in hundreds of transactions so ideally would want to be able to import the data in from the CSV/excel file.

(I think I've seen that Sage can do this but I hate Sage with a passion so would prefer to use an alternative).


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By chatman
16th Apr 2012 22:52

Apparently it's coming
I think VT has plans to introduce this facility but I don't know when, and it's not in his "road map".

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By alattax
16th Apr 2012 23:40

Have a look at Money Manger from Moneysoft. It has been around longer than its better known sister program Payroll manager but is simple to use, has outstanding reporting features, and in my opinion should feature more regularly as a recommendation for small business accounting.

You will be able to import csv files.    

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16th Apr 2012 23:55

Xero can easily import csv file data and also has a great bank feed function.

I use it for my practice accounts and recommend it to most of my clients.


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17th Apr 2012 01:04


Basic cash book analysis but fine for many small businesses

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