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Is there no end to the problems of "working together"?

Is there no end to the problems of "working...

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We are not allowed to blame our software when there is a submission problem. They are of course immune.

Why can't we charge them automatic penalties for wasting our time?

Phil Rees

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By AnonymousUser
11th Jun 2009 12:54

That's as may be
But it's not good enough.
How can we check and advise the client why the refund is different from the predicted amount if we do not have the information?

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By Anonymous
11th Jun 2009 11:45

Longstanding problem
It happens in cases where the client has received a refund of tax (deducted at source, rather than an overpaid Payment on Account, I think), then has to pay some of it back.

It used to be on their "Service Issues" but has been off it for quite a while now.

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