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Is there Stamp Duty payable on Share transfer?

Is there Stamp Duty payable on Share transfer?

A client set up a Limied company with 2 shares on incorporation.

He subsequently went into business with another individual and transfered one share to this individual.

The share was transfered at the Nominal Value (£1), since the company was non-trading and did not have any commercial value.

Is there any Stamp Duty payable on this transfer?


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06th Dec 2011 17:52


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06th Dec 2011 20:59

No , only if consideration is over £1k

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11th Dec 2011 07:48

shares transfer

I have a company have 2 shares holders, one own 75 shares and other 25 shares,now they want to introduce 3rd shares holder and want to change shareholding as well ,mean new shareholding will be 34,33,33,

How i can do this, what form i have to complete/any stamp duty to pay?


Many thanks in advance.

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11th Dec 2011 08:54

No stamp duty to pay.

Transfer the shares appropriately to achieve this.

If originally

A         75

B         25


Then you could do

33 A to C

8 A to B

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11th Dec 2011 20:17

Thanks for reply,


What is procedure or what forms i have to submitt for transfer, can i do online?


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