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Is this an example of Co. Hse / HMRC joint filing?

Anyone used that service?

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A previous thread from a few days ago elicited some comments about that company's accounts not being up to standard. Have a look at the 31/07/2017 accounts published here:-

Now the mods closed that previous thread so let's not stray too far from the issue in hand. 

Roll on a few days and I've just discovered that a (soon to be ex) client of ours has just filed remarkably similar accounts. Same fonts, same wording, same zeros in the balance sheet, same lack of accounting policies, same creditors notes etc. etc. Now the chances of the two companies using the same accountants is virtually nil. It got me wondering if they have been produced by this service:-
which we, as agents, can't access.

Can anyone confirm that they have been produced using that service? 


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01st Feb 2019 08:26

Alternatively wondering if it may be just using this:-
Can anyone confirm?

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01st Feb 2019 10:52

We were able to use the joint filing service at one time.

I never did, though.

I didn't trust it.

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By mike01
01st Feb 2019 11:14

The accounts will have been prepared using the free software available to individuals to enable them to file company accounts and the supporting CT return(this service was available to agents up to three years or so ago - I used to use it).

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to mike01
01st Feb 2019 11:25

And how did you find it ?

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By mike01
to lionofludesch
01st Feb 2019 15:09

Terrible - extremely slow and cumbersome.So glad I moved to Taxfiler.

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01st Feb 2019 11:30

So definitely:-
rather than:-
(which is a relatively new service)?

If this is true, in either case, what are members thoughts about the state of the accounts? They purport to be prepared in accordance with FRS102 1A.
They certainly wouldn't pass either my accounts disclosure checklist nor a review by my professional body.
If they are produced by one of the services is HMRC and /or Companies House complicit in helping people file totally non compliant accounts?

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to Wanderer
01st Feb 2019 12:03


They're symptomatic of the lowering of Government regulatory standards.

Their error - which they repeat countless times - is to bring in complex legislation, expect businesses to read it on the off-chance that it might apply to them and then fail to police it because they don't want to fund the staff it needs.

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01st Feb 2019 16:42

If it helps the conversation(?) I heard that the CoHo online filing doesn’t include the e’ee nos note, so they won’t reject any accounts for not having it.

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to atleastisoundknowledgable...
01st Feb 2019 16:52

Government can't be bothered to comply with its own legislation.

You couldn't make it up.

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