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Is this company dormant?

Holding company acquires shares in dormant shell company

Hi, I would like to know if the holding company in this example is considered dormant in its first year.  Two new companies are set up on the same date.  They are part of a large group.  The two companies are a holding company ("holdco") and its subsidiary ("projectco").  Projectco has no trading history.  All the holding company has done is acquire the shares in the projectco.  It has no other transactions or assets.  The shares are of low value (£100), not that this is relevant.  No cash is paid because neither company has a bank account.  The holdco shows an investment of £100 and a liability to projectco (unpaid share capital) of £100.  The projectco has £100 share capital and £100 receivable from holdco (unpaid share capital).  Are either of these companies considered dormant in this first accounting period?  Or does the share acquisition constitute an accounting transaction and mean that one or both are not dormant? 


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20th Nov 2017 15:02

Projectco is dormant, Holdco is not though both would be eligible for micro-entity accounts and are not trading for corporation tax purposes so the administrative overhead is essentially the same.

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20th Nov 2017 15:08

Another dormant company question !!

What's the point ?

What's the worst that can happen ? You file micro accounts ?

You could've had them done while you were typing out the question.

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to lionofludesch
20th Nov 2017 16:21

Even though they are part of a large group? Holdco is owned by another large trading company in the group.

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to DL341981
20th Nov 2017 17:11

A fair point, well made.

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By Bobbo
20th Nov 2017 17:51

Does holdco not have its own share capital and a receivable of unpaid share capital as well as the investment and liability in projectco?

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to Bobbo
21st Nov 2017 17:09

Yes, it does.

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