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Is this the definitive text of GDPR?

I'm looking for the English text of GDPR - is this it?

This is doing my head in! I know it was foolish of me to start this but in trying to nail down the definitive text of GDPR I found this page on the EUGDPR website which looks as if it's the final text but how can you tell?



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03rd Dec 2017 22:12

The regulation was signed on 27th April 2016, three weeks after the date of the pdf you tracked down.

These are relevant dates

Date of document: 27/04/2016; Date of signature
Date of effect: 24/05/2016; Entry into force Date pub. +20 See Art 99

Date of effect: 25/05/2018; Application See Art 99

Deadline: 25/05/2020; At the latest See Art 97

Date of end of validity: 31/12/9999


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to jimmyxyz
03rd Dec 2017 15:10

Thank you, that's really helpful. My question arose for two reasons - firstly I downloaded a version quoted by a firm of lawyers where some paragraph numbers were different, secondly because I didn't understand the precise meaning of the "Subject" para on the first page.

It seems odd that, what with all the scare stories doing the rounds, it isn't easier to access the definitive text.

Do you happen to know if there were any changes from the version I showed the link to?

Thank you again.

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to Nigel Hughes
03rd Dec 2017 16:32

Dont forget that the GDB bill is still making its way through parliament and so may still change matters. For example it will 'Provide clarity on the definitions used in the GDPR in the UK context.'

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02nd Dec 2017 22:59

duplicate reply deleted

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07th Dec 2017 19:28

Apart from the addition of a regulation number (679), yes, it does seem that the wording is the same.

The pdf you have is the first reading.

The information note attached to the second reading says:

“Since the European Parliament has approved the Council's position at first reading, the act in question is deemed to have been adopted in the wording which corresponds to the Council's position at first reading …”

So -

6th April 2016 (pdf in your first post) first reading (EU Council)

11th – 14th April 2016 second reading (as above) (EU Parliament)

27th April 2016 signed by the President of the Council and the President of the EU Parliament. (the document link I gave in my first post).

I’m not surprised it was giving you a headache! People who have lost track of the real world seem to design government websites where nothing can be found easily!

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