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Is this the longest delay for such a simple thing?

Has anyone managed to advance a tax refund claim?

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Well I've just about heard it all, now.I lodged a claim for a 17-18 income tax refund (PAYE only in that year) due to a 20-21 self employment loss carry back under S72 TA 2007. SA 100 filed, no problem.  Claim was "Signed for", Royal Mail + HMRC confirmed received and scanned 16 August 2021. Today I was told "We have a planned processing date of 7 January 2022" ( I had not identified any means of making an online claim for this , having looked at my client's gateway account with her.) This is a massive kick in the guts from HMRC. She did not qualify for any Covid assistance as her commencement year 19-20 did not qualify for SEISS and she is in the 2yrs - 5 yrs of age children activity sector so was massively impacted by lockdowns, having to close the business entirely. SEISS did not recognise tax losses on self employment due to Covid. Now she has to wait maybe 6 months for 420 quid. And boy did she pay some serious tax in previous years under PAYE.This is what it has come to. Has anyone else managed to cut through this travesty of "customer service"?

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By sarahg
07th Oct 2021 16:17

Nope, it's been a nightmare recently - someone who I spoke to said expect to wait 6 months if self employed

You could try appealing on the grounds of financial hardship

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By Michael King
07th Oct 2021 16:38

I've found exactly the same problem. Waited for 5 months for a reply after submitting a paper amended 2019 Tax Return - and then their reply was only to ask me a couple of questions which I've now replied now expecting to wait at least another 5 - 6 months for the second reply and the amendment to be finally actioned.....and a significant tax repayment made to my 90 year old client. Words fail me......!!

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By lionofludesch
08th Oct 2021 07:16

To answer the OP, no, of course not. Four and a half months is par for the course.

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By mbee1
08th Oct 2021 08:09

Make a formal complaint via her MP. That seems to be the only way to open doors at the moment.

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By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
08th Oct 2021 08:56

4 and a half month would beat many of the o/s issues I have on my desk.

I have some going back to last year on which we are complaining about the lack of response to our complaint about the earlier complaint.

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By Not Anonymous
08th Oct 2021 11:12

I may be woefully out of touch here but I thought a claim such as this was automatically dealt with when included on the original/first return filed for the year i.e. loss made in 2020/21 and the 2020/21 return includes the tax relief due calculated with reference to the liability in 2017/18.

A separate claim isn't needed as the return does the job. Providing the £420 has been included in the appropriate box on the (2020/21) return.

A credit of £420 should be added to the clients SA statement of account or whatever it's called nowadays.

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Replying to Not Anonymous:
By taxwize
08th Oct 2021 16:05

I think, "Not Anonymous", you are indirectly alluding to something which escaped my attention. The 2019-20 SA100 (as do all years, it seems), contain a "little dark corner" on Page Ai3 at boxes 3,4 & 5 which seem to permit the losses incurred in subsequent tax year 2020-21 to be taken against a year that precedes the 2019-20 tax year. The bit I hadn't realised was that bit....I had thought one could only allocate the relief against the year that preceded the year of loss by way of SA submission. It is logical, when one thinks about it,to permit this mechanism, given we only have two SA years live at any one time.But I missed it. So I have made a claim using amended SA100 for 2020.Fingers are crossed.If we get the refund via this route so be it. If we get a double refund I'll inform HMRC of course, by post, signed for. But the cynic in me does wonder if that letter will take 6 months to be handled. So in the meantime, cautiously, with chickens not yet counted, thank you "Not Anonymous" and everyone else.

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