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Is your firm listed on DNS Associates website?

Googling our own practice name and noticed DNS Associates came up in the results.

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Finding DNS Associates website appearing in the search results was not what I was expecting when I googled our business name and I soon realised that they are listing a large directory of accounting firms on their website.  While this appears to be quite a friendly move to list competitors on your website, I'm not quite convinced this is helpful to any firms listed here.    

This directory concerns me on two points:

1) If you are a strong brand online and gain good positions, this means the DNS' website will appear in amongst your direct brand searches (your clients will see this when they are looking to find your contact details for example)

2) If you don't do much online but have a good brand through being an established practice, DNS may outperform your website or at least be the very next search result visible.   Again anyone looking for your firm may go elsewhere to a remote cloud accounting firm.

This might be an innocent move but we have asked for all references to our offices to be removed from their directory.  Some have been removed and some are still there.  This will be my third request to have all references to our brand removed. - See if your firm is listed.

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By Wanderer
30th Jan 2019 10:34

Yes we are on it.
At an address we moved from several years ago!

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By Moonbeam
30th Jan 2019 17:46

Presumably they are not committing an offence, even if they are irritating you very much.

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By atleastisoundknowledgable...
05th Feb 2019 07:54

We’re not. I feel disappointed now :(

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