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Issues logging into agent account

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If people are still having issues with this, the below may work. I've been able to access our agent account several times today, albeit with a bit of toing and froing.

If you receieve a screen after logging in which shows the 'Sorry, the service is unavailable' message, go back to and click sign in again. You may get another message after doing this which says 'Sorry - agents can't use this sign in page yet' - ignore it and click the sign in link below. That takes me direct to our client account.

More bugs on the HMRC site than in an MI6 facility. 

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By Howard Marks
09th Jan 2020 13:20

I'm still struggling, just constant "sorry, the service is unavailable" messages.

Anyone else in the same boat?

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Replying to Howard Marks:
By Howard Marks
09th Jan 2020 13:22

I eventually get:

"Sorry, the service is unavailable

You will be able to use the service later.

Call the VAT online services helpline if you need help with Making Tax Digital for VAT.

Call the HMRC Self Assessment online services helpline if you need help with Making Tax Digital for Income Tax."

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By accountantccole
09th Jan 2020 14:07

Worked first time then looped to holding pages

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By Kaylee100
09th Jan 2020 21:01

Yes I did have problems. Luckily when my client called in to sign up to VAT it was working again.

I called the VAT helpline yesterday and they were so busy I got auto rerouted to a poor guy that had nothing to do with what I was calling for. He was very helpful and dug out a direct number for a particular department for me!

Maybe they were overrun as a fallout from the filing systems being down

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