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Issuing shares at a premium to be determined

Share exchange where value of acquired shares unknown at the date of issue of consideration shares.

Can shares be issued with the price paid to be determined at a later date?

As at the proposed date of issue, due to timing constraints, the value of the shares being acquired will not have been determined. As such, the price paid for the shares being issued in consideration for the acquired shares will not have been ascertained.

Is there any reason from an accountancy perspective why the price paid cannot be estimated at the date of issue, to be adjusted as necessary once a valuation is ascertained?  I imagine there might be an issue with overstating/understating the share premium reserve on the balance sheet. And the practical issue that the register of members/SH01 require the price paid to be given. 

The contract could be silent on the price, and refer only to the consideration being the allotment and issue of consideration shares.  I am not sure how that would get around the requirement for the price paid to be included in the register of members/SH01, but it would perhaps enable the accounts to be written up accordingly once the value is known (without any overstating/understating in the meantime).



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