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"It's time to renew your membership. It's easy!"

Pushy professional bodies

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No, it isn't time yet - It is due 31/12 - so not for another month and more.  I tend to do it around Xmas.

So, I'll delete this reminder, just like I did with the October one.

As for saying things about how quick and easy it is, that's great, but that isn't why I haven't renewed yet.  I haven't renewed as it isn't due yet.  When it is, then I am sure I will be overjoyed with how quick and easy it is.  Also, I object to this modern trend of putting up a strawman objection just so that they can delight in demolishing it.

I'm going to make them wait longer for their money due to their pushiness.  I'm pointlessly difficult like that!

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By Jo Nokes
18th Nov 2021 21:24

I agree, appalling behaviour

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By atleastisoundknowledgable...
19th Nov 2021 08:35

I’m the same - I immediately delete any ACCA subs/ CPD emails that I get prior to 20th Dec. TBF tho, I normally do the paperwork & pay mid Jan when they send a reminder.

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